Friday, November 4, 2016

10 Most Shocking Animal Mutations

Frog with visible appendage
Frog with visible appendage
Our world is not perfect and a variety of abnormalities and mutations exist recently people have become increasingly interested in different mutations in animals, some for scientific purposes and some just for fun you will now see ten of the most shocking and unbelievable mutations in animals.

White Tiger in the year 2000 a white tiger named Kenny was rescued and taken to a wildlife refuge in Arkansas Kenny had mental disabilities and irregularly shaped snout and slanting eyes, which is why the tiger could not close his mouth properly, however many workers at the reserve said that Kenny was one of the friendliest Tigers one who love to frolic and play unfortunately Kenny did not live so long and died of cancer in 2008.

Three-headed frog you can often hear about mutant frogs, but a three-headed one is an extremely rare instance, this unique frog was found by children sitting in the garden of a private kindergarten in Great Britain, they first thought it was just three frogs hugging each other, but after looking more closely the children were surprised to find that this was one frog some experts have suggested that this mutation was caused by the nuclear power plant that was located 20 kilometers from the garden.

Goat Hybrid this goat was born in a village in Croatia the incredible animal has eight legs as well as both male and female sex organs veterinarians have suggested that one of the goats literally swallowed his twin brother while still developing in the mother's womb moreover, this hybrid was born with two other calves who were completely normal the goat hybrid did not have the strength to stand or walk on its eight feet.

Transparent Fish the genetic mutations of this fish are the result of the work of scientists, they decided to modify a certain gene in this fish to see how strong the impact would be and they managed to make this fish completely transparent so transparent in fact that you can see all of its organs and skeleton through the skin.

Source: YouTube by Dark Nook

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