Thursday, November 10, 2016

12 Hidden Animals that You Can't Spot

Tawny frogmouth
Nature is packed full of astonishing creatures with incredible abilities to adapt to their environment and thereby prolong their survival one of the most fascinating and startling of these abilities is the natural camouflage many animals are capable of enabling them to blend in so perfectly with their surroundings that human eyes and those of other predators do not even register their presence unless they know what to look for even then it's often difficult to find them unless you are looking at precisely the right place at precisely the right angle let's discover some of these ninja like animals who can hide in plain sight.

Pygmy Seahorse this hard to spot animal as a pygmy seahorse one of the smallest families of seahorses in the world the pygmy seahorse measures less than 2 centimeters in length they're amazing ability to camouflage themselves among the coral they inhabit is critical to their survival pygmy seahorses live attached to a species of coral known as the sea fan and can change their color to suit their environment they also grow tubercles small calcified bumps all over their tiny bodies that match the shape of their sea fan homes.

Source: YouTube by Schizo Bob

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