Friday, November 11, 2016

Unexpected things people found in their food

Mouse in bread
Weirdest things people found in their food.

Chicken head at McDonalds after a Virginian mother had bought a box of fried chicken wings for her kids she noticed something funny about one of the pieces and realized it was a chicken head Catherine Ortego clearly identified the head its eyes and the beak chicken head had been breaded and fried and was included in her meal she contacted the FDA regarding the issue and McDonalds did offer her the choice of her money back or another box of chicken but she had already lost her appetite.

Fried Chicken Head
Used band-aid back in 2005 college student Loren Coleman stop at the campus McDonald's for a quick snack when she received her food she found a used bandage inside the container she promptly returned the contaminated food to the restaurant who gave her a refund a new batch of french fries at McDonald's employee also apologized to her admitting the banding belong to him at the time she decided not to file any claims against the restaurant and states the McDonalds on campus isn't cleaner fancy but it is the only one of available there.

Used Band-Aid on Burger
Spiders and grapes Stephanie Thorny killed a spider after she saw the arachnid crawling out of a bowl of freshly washed grapes the spider contained a red hourglass mark on its back and was identified as a black widow it was discovered that spiders were being used in the Tesco process of grapes to keep away insects and minimize the demand for hazardous pesticides Tesco did apologize for any distress that the incident caused black widows are deadly but it's bite is treatable.

Source: YouTube by Factnomenal

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