Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Unbelievably Beautiful abandoned Places in the World

16 Most beautiful abandoned places.

Eerily Beautiful, this is called Kolmanskop which you can find in Namibia this little town was thriving in the early part of the 19th hundreds were there was an influx of German settlers coming to the diamond enriched areas however the Diamonds depleted and by the 1950s the little town was deserted.

If The Walls Could Speak it would be amazing to unlock the stories and happenings that took place at Angkor Wat this beautiful abandoned temple discovered in Cambodia and call Khmer city and goal was the capital city from the 9th to the 16th century.  This temple is said to be the biggest religious monument in the world and was originally a Hindu temple there have been several theories as to why the area was abandoned for lack of water disease natural disaster and pressure from rivals.

Set Sail if you visit Homebush Bay in Sydney you'll find the surreal floating forest inside the ship the SS airfield it was at Homebush that many ships in the 20th century were just left when there were no longer needed this ship is over 100 years old and used to deliver supplies to American troops when it served as a kaalia.

A personal journey this 27 meter deep well is found in Sintra, Portugal and is known as the initiation well it's meant to lead one on a journey of self-discovery and rebirth you are either going into the darkness or coming out into the light also could be deemed as death and birth it was owned by a well-known freemason who used the well they are two of them for ceremonial purposes they were never used to draw water and every part of the well is symbolic in some way.

Source: YouTube by Believe That

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