Saturday, November 12, 2016

Best BEVERAGE Commercials of All Time

Get Jacked (Jack Soda)
Get Jacked (Jack Soda)
Here are the best and funniest beverage commercials of all time from around the world.

These short television advertising will surely make you laugh out loud.

Here is the rundown of this video compilation.

It's Fun Time (Fanta Japanese Commercial)

Shopping (Pepsi Max)

Headbutt (7Up Banned Commercial)

Horse Whisperer (Bai)

Oishi Slim Tea Thai Commercial

Yoda vs Darth Maul (Brisk)

It's Fun Time (Fanta Japanese Commercial)

Hulk vs Ant-Man (Coke Mini)

Juvenile Mate (Dare Iced Coffee)

Milk Shakes (Carl's Jr.)

Puppymonkeybaby (Mtn Dew Kickstart)

Penelope (Schweppes)

Get Jacked (Jack Soda)

Let's Diet (Fanta Japanese Commercial)

M-150 Thai Commercial

Brisk Eminem Super Bowl Ad 2011

Source: YouTube by Viralissimo

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