Friday, November 11, 2016

Boy with mystery condition is Worshipped as a God in India

8 year-old Pranshu from India who worshipped by the locals as Ganesha
Since he was born, six-year-old Pranshu has been told that he looks like Ganesha - the Hindu god of beginnings and the remover of obstacles, both spiritual and material.

The people in his village, including his family, believe he is the re-incarnation of the elephant-headed deity, and they come to him for blessings.  His father even called his son by the god’s name.

Initially, locals would visit his house, but as it became too busy, he now sits outside his local mosque once a week.

Doctors have been unable to identify his condition, which has also left him unable to walk properly.  But Pranshu and his family are happy with his appearance and believe he’s brought them good luck.

Source: YouTube by Barcroft TV

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