Monday, November 7, 2016

Nasira ang personal at modeling carrer ni Heidi Yeh pagkatapos kumalat sa internet ang Meme na ito

Heidi Yeh Singaporean model victim of internet memes
Heidi Yeh Singaporean model victim of internet memes
Model Heidi Yeh says an internet meme ruined her career and had a damaging effect on her family.

It started when she starred in an advertising campaign for a Taiwanese cosmetic surgery clinic alongside with a male model and three aesthetically-challenged children, the children's eyes and noses were digitally altered to look small and their noses flat the original ad's caption reads 'The only thing you'll ever have to worry about is how to explain it to the kids.'

But the photo circulated around the internet and was turned into a bad meme with the caption 'Plastic Surgery: You can't hide it forever.'

Heidi's boyfriend split up with her because of the  embarrassment and she has to endure all the gossiping around her.

She said in this BBC News video interview 'I've broken down many times crying and I haven't been able to sleep,' she confessed.

'The biggest loss for me is I don't want to be a model anymore.

'Just because I'm a model, people can hurt me like this and I can't fight back. I just want to hide.'

Source: YouTube by BBC News

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