Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Most Satisfying Defeats In MMA

Julian Wallace tries to intimidate Ben Nguyen
Julian Wallace tries to intimidate Ben Nguyen
Watching your favorite fighter win, feels good watching someone you hate to lose feels even better, this is a list of Fighters most fans rooting against making them some of the most satisfying defeats in MMA.

While satisfying at the time to most in hindsight it's even more satisfying watching John Copenhaver aka War Machine getting choked out by Ron Kesler at Bellator 104, War Machine who had a long history of assault chose his ex-girlfriend Christy Mack as his last victim, last August police received emergency call from her home war machine had allegedly turned his MMA skills on her this was the result a woman known for her beauty beaten beyond recognition war machine was charged with over 30 crimes that night including attempted murder Bellator MMA signed war machine in 2013 when he was fresh out of prison for past assault charges he won his first two fights in the organization but in the last fight of his professional career thought Ron Keslar in October of 2013 War Machine is currently awaiting trial and denies many of the charges levied against him.

Leg Locks are one of the most dangerous types of submissions in MMA within an instant a career can be ruined if a fighter doesn't tap out in time, Rousimar Palhares a leg lock specialist has been shunned by the MMA community for not letting go of submissions after his opponent taps out, Palhares was suspended for two years after one such incident against Jake Shields, Palhares ignored the Nevada Athletic Commission suspension and continue to fight anyway most recently at Venator three in Milan, Italy in another moment of karmic justice Palhares accused Nate Marquardt of using grease during their fight making it easier to slip out of leg locks easier, Rousimar are not known for his fight IQ made the accusation mid-fight, Nate use the opportunity to finish Paul Harris via TKO is he saying Nate Marquardt is greased and that's when it gets tagged the referee examined Marquardt's body and no grease was found to clear up the controversy.

In a viral video that has almost 20 million views on YouTube tattooed fighter Julian The Jackal Wallace attempted to intimidate his opponent Ben Nguyen at the weigh ins of Nitro MMA in 2014,  Nguyen, who looks like the perfect target to steal lunch money from wasn't intimidated by the Jackals antics, but on fight night it was Nguyen, who stole the Jackals lunch money, Wallace was K.O just 25 seconds into the first round one fight, later Nguyen was signed to the UFC and is currently 2 and 0 in the organization.

Source: YouTube by TheMontageKing MMA

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