Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Most Beautiful Villages on Earth

Here is the 15 of the most beautiful villages on earth.

Savoca Italy, Savoca is located in the Sicilian region of Italy known as The Godfather region due to its beautiful scenery being used in the movie The Godfather besides this claim to fame Savoca is also known as the city of art and various pieces are displayed throughout the village it's a true medieval village with architecture that's beyond compare even on the most ordinary houses.

Bilbury England when looking at the beauty of the town of Bilbury the word charming immediately comes to mind located in Gloucestershire, England Bilbury has been called the most beautiful village on earth by 19th century artist William Morris recognizable by its honey colored stone cottages from the 17th century called Arlington row the houses were home to weavers who would make the wool for the nearby Arlington mill Bilbury is also home to the world's first horse racing club the Bilbury club formed in 1681.

Saint George's, Bermuda, Bermuda is known for being a beautiful vacation destination st. George's is specifically one of the most desirable places to visit st. George's was founded in 1612 and was the first English settlement of Bermuda originally known as New London st. George's was the Bermuda capital until 1815 charming cottages, small roads, remarkable architecture and friendly people make this town worth a trip just don't forget to pack your camera.

Source: YouTube by Wacky Universe

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