Thursday, November 17, 2016

Most Embarrassing Celebrities Moments Ever

Christina Aguilera strange fluids dripping on her legs
Christina Aguilera strange fluids dripping on her legs
Most embarrassing celebrity moments ever for many years celebrities have shown that they're human just like us by unexpectedly humiliating themselves in front of cameras whether it's awful pitches closet breakdowns falls to the good old foot of the mouth big celebrities have unquestionably chalked up some especially humiliating moments here's a glance at ten of the most famous and humiliated celebrity fail moments of all time.

Katy Perry falls and can't get up in 2008 Katy Perry was requested at the MTV Latin-American awards to play I kissed a girl in regular k-style the artist shows to emphasize your execution with Ludacris prop for this situation a monster pink icing cake was requested towards the end of our execution Katy jumped on top of this huge pink cake and yet she couldn't move which he tried to stand she started to slip all over the place it turned out to be really funny.

Christina Aguilera strange leg Christina's most humiliating moment as a craftsman had to have occurred at the Etta James funeral service mid execution an obscure fluid started trickling down Aguilera's leg from insider skirt you can see Aguilera tempting to rub it off with other leg at the 350 mark in the video her handlers later asserted that it was an abundance of shower tan fluid however we can't make that certain.

Source: YouTube by Spacebound

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