Friday, December 9, 2016

10 Weirdest Museums In The World That Will Amuse You

Unique Museum in New Delhi, India
Unique Museum in New Delhi, India

Museums are not always alike for culture and education some museums across the world are unusual, weird interesting and truly bizarre here are 10 such weirdest museums that will amaze you.

Museum of Toilets India, This unique Museum in New Delhi India has been created to promote and improve sanitation especially in third world countries through its myriad and rare collection of facts pictures and objects the museum expounds the history and evolution of toilets throughout the world starting from 2500 BC to date the place represents rare information to researchers about the various design raw materials and technologies used in the past and those still in use the museum has three main sections ancient medieval and modern all of which give interesting highlights into the toilets of those particular eras.

Museum of Bad Art, United States, Established in 1994 this peculiar museum situated near the toilets and an old basement in Dedham, Massachusetts has been dedicated to celebrate bad art from distorted flowers to godly colored portrait the place has attack line of art too bad to be ignored with more than 600 pieces the museum displays different genres of bad art ranging from portraiture landscapes unseen forces seascapes still life and obscure each piece on display at the museum is presented with a detailed narrative and has interesting stories behind it which will leave you smiling.

The Dog Collar Museum, England inspired by the love of dogs of Lady Bailey the owner of the Leeds Castle this museum in Leeds England treat you to the most classy and ugly dog collars in the history of the world the unique collection here features close to a hundred collars that were accumulated by Irish medieval scholar John Hunt and his wife Gertrude the selection has some truly peculiar collars right from the medieval to Victorian times the most interesting section here is the one housing antique iron collars covered with spikes from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries made by the hunters of that era for their faithful dogs.

Source: YouTube by NatGeo Times

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