Friday, December 2, 2016

11 BIGGEST Fish Ever Caught

A huge catfish caught by Dino Ferrari
From a massive fish weighing about a half a ton to a catfish the size of a grizzly bear here are 11 of the biggest fish ever caught.

A creature thought to have inspired tales of sea serpents was caught on camera the oarfish is known as the world's longest bony fish because they live at depths of to 3,000 feet they're rarely seen by humans evidence of their existence is relegated to a handful of drawings & video along with their carcasses which have washed up on beaches overtime but in 2014 video captured an oarfish that measured around 15 feet swimming in the sea of cortez in mexico it was identified by its dorsal fin which runs the length of its body these creatures are known to grow to 56 feet long so this specimen smaller size might indicate it was a juvenile oarfish found in many of the world's temperate oceans.

Stone grouper was caught in China that was so heavy a crane was needed to lift it the creature measured 1.3 meters long and weighed around 27 stone nearly 380 pounds the size of the creature attracted large crowds trying to take pictures of it the fisherman said the largest grouper that previously caught 56 pounds reports indicated the fish would be sold to fishmonger where it was expected to command a premium price.

It looks almost like a photoshop, but lot of people were convinced it was fake, but in 2015 a man was fishing in Italy's Paul Delta snared a monster catfish that measured nearly nine feet long and weighed some 280 pounds it's thought to be one of the biggest fish ever caught with rod and line the fishermen Dino Ferrari hang on for over half an hour before finally landing the huge catfish now as huge as this creature was these fish and known to grow as long as 13 feet and weigh over eight hundred sixty pounds after posing for photos with the fish Mr. Ferrari released the enormous creature back to the water.

Source: YouTube by Epic Wildlife

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