Tuesday, December 20, 2016

14 Strangest Addictions

14 of the strangest addictions by humans.

Breast Augmentation Surgery, Many women wants bigger breasts, but how big is to big Lucy has spent over 250 thousand dollars to enhance her breasts to a monster's Triple M and still wants to go bigger to a triple Q her breasts way over 40 pounds and she's at risk of burning yourself during cooking before one of her surgeries she had to have an inner brass surgically implanted to let her skin support the giant breasts.

Butt Injections, Celebrities like Kim Kardashian had made big booties or the range and that's driven some women to get black market injections in the quest for the perfect rear women like Carmela have trusted strangers to give them injections in hotel rooms and spas often subjecting their bodies to who knows what during the procedure Carmela had 54 butt injections in three years crediting the procedures to swallowing her behind six sizes vanity wonder almost lost her life to butt injections at the spending fifteen thousand dollars on them.

Couponing, Coupon can be a good way to save money on the things you buy, but the trend of extreme couponing has driven many to obsession people can spend up to 40 hours a week looking for deals making lists and shopping to horde stockpiles of goods and their homes Christie Rakoczy coupon so much for three years she had 60 diabetes monitors in her stockpiles and she didn't even have diabetes she also had stockpiles on a hundred bottles of cough syrup she stopped her addiction but many still have it turning their lives and homes into warehouses of chaos.

Source: YouTube by Hectic Express

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