Thursday, December 15, 2016

Weird bathroom discoveries

Huge rat trapped inside toilet bowl
Rotisserie dinner, This bathroom goer decided that the best place to have his rotisserie chicken dinner was inside a public bathroom not only did he mysteriously decide this was the best place to eat but he decided the best place to eat on was the baby-changing table you know the place specifically designed to put poopy babies on so you can change their diapers as if eating in the same room where people defecate wasn't gross enough he decided the best surface was a wall table that small humans get their excrement all over gross dude, guess when you're really hungry you're really hungry and can't think straight let's just hope this isn't a regular occurrence for him or anyone really.

Royal Artifact Found in a French Toilet, In 2012 Paris was buzzing over this crazy bathroom find Queen Catherine de Medicis hair pin from the Renaissance era was found floating inside a communal toilet the rare artifact was found by staff that were preparing to restore the bathroom in the Fontaine blur palace the fact that such a rare piece of history was found floating in the toilet suggests that someone was trying to steal it but it dropped it on accident this is however the first 16th century artifact that has been found in the palace which just added to the mystery.

Off A board, Technology is going forward at a pace almost faster than we can keep up with and bringing with it images we thought we might never see like this one of a man on a hoverboard while he apparently does the dirty this is actually a screencap from a popular vine by Milan Webb but it's not too far-fetched to imagine someone really scooting into the bathroom on one of these and staying on it while they go.

Multitaskers, Students, nowadays have so much on their plate, it's almost a necessity to multitask from making phone calls while commuting to eating while studying it's easy to see why this girl had to write an email while she sat on the pot but did she really have to do it in a public bathroom?

Source: YouTube by Hectic Express

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