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15 BIGGEST Dogs In The World!

Hercules the English Mastiff
These are the 15 biggest dogs ever!

Paritas of Alexander The Great for it belongs to Alexander The Great and was of an ancient breed that most closely resembles the current dog mastiff on steroids Paritas was bred to be a fighting dog there are many stories of him saving Alexander and his life in battle against masses of humans, one lion and even one elephant, Paritas was ultimately wounded by javelin but is honored by a city named after him and the many breeds of masters and similar guard dogs that share his features.

Hulk The Pit Bull, Hulk was deemed the world's biggest pit bull when he was just over one year old and weighed in at hundred and seventy three pounds his breed stated he would probably reach hundred and ninety pounds when he's fully growing a dog this large also brings a hefty amount of controversy animal rescue organizations are concerned about over sized dogs welfare breeding unnaturally large dogs often leads to a shorter life and many health problems specifically orthopedic and joint issues dogs bred for size are also at a higher risk for cancer and cardiac complications patrons pay as much as twenty thousand dollars for hope to impregnate their dog meanwhile 800,000 pit bulls are euthanized annually.

Mon Ami On Der Oelmuhle, The Irish Wolfhound the Guinness Book of World Records' name Mon Ami On Der Oelmuhle the world's largest dog in 2008 Mon Ami measured seven feet six inches from nose to tail the wolfhound was originally bred as a war dog used to drag men, of horses it was also used to hunt large game such as deer and boars is very lean similar to a greyhound and is considered a very gentle and intelligent companion.

Hong Dong The Tibetan Mastiff, Hong Dong means big splash something this Tibetan Mastiff makes aware whenever he goes Hong Dong is not only famous for his size but for the size of this price tag at 11 months old he was hundred and eighty pounds expected to grow up to 250 and sold for 1.5 million making him the most expensive dog in the world Tibetan Mastiff breed have been called the fiercest dogs in the world and was described by Marco Polo as being as tall as a donkey with the voice like a lion some Tibetans believe that Tibetan Mastiff houses the soul of reincarnated monks and nuns Hong Dong resides with his owner in and out of China.H

Source: YouTube by Epic Wildlife

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