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5 Unbelievable smallest things and man made objects in the World

Willard Wigan's microscopic sculptor's work
Willard Wigan's microscopic sculptor's work

Nano Sculptures, The sculptures created by Jonty Hurwitz and his team like this piece called "The Gentle Giant" have now reached such a microscopic scale that they even had to create a whole new method of filming just to show them because we are now so small that you can't see the fine details in normal visible light you have to remember that this elephant sculpture is just one tenth of a millimeter high and yet you can still see the fine details of the wrinkles on the skin. This and the other Nano Sculptures including the one called "Trust", the world's smallest sculpture of a woman, which has shown standing on a human hair are made using a nano 3D printer technique called multiphoton lithography. This is where they used tiny layers of a light-sensitive liquid polymer which are laid down one layer time and then hardened with a focused laser. The smaller details on these works are approximately in the 300 nanometer scale similar to the wavelength of visible light and are therefore near impossible by the laws of physics to see in the visible light spectrum the only way to observe these works fully is through using a non optical method of magnification like a scanning electron microscope. One of the problems with sculptures which are so small is not only that you can't see them, but they can be destroyed or lost very easily and in fact the sculpture of Cupid and Psyche shown here, which was shown at the head of an ant was accidentally destroyed by single touch just a week before their publication on the internet.

"Trust" The world's smallest sculpture of a woman
"The Gentle Giant" A Sculpture is just one tenth of a millimeter high
Smallest Handmade Sculptures, Now if you thought the previous sculptures were pretty amazing then the next ones on the list will blow your mind Willard Wigan creates the small handmade sculptures in the world. Figures so small that they can stand in the eye of a needle in fact the very smallest he has made is of a motorcycle inside a hollowed-out shaft of Willard’s own beard stubble and don't forget these are made by hand, not by computer or a robot or 3D printer, but all by hand, these microscopic works of art sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars and collectors include the likes of Prince Charles, Elton John, Simon Cowell and Mike Tyson.  Willard’s work has been described as phenomenal and the eighth wonder of the world and in July 2007 he was awarded an MBE by the Queen. In order to make these amazing sculptures Williard the artists had to make his own micro tools using things like sharpened microscopic slivers of tungsten or by attaching shard of diamonds to a pin to carve the figures and then using the hair from a housefly as a paintbrush. To make these tiny sculptures Willard uses a 600x magnification microscope and enters an almost meditative state slowing his heartbeat and then doing the particular action between heartbeats to keep his hand a steady as possible. One of the problems of working on such tiny objects is a danger of even seemingly tiny external force ruining the work and one of these was the vibration caused by the traffic passing outside his workshop so we ended up working throughout the night when it was quieter however when working on one sculpture of Alice in Wonderland he accidentally breathed in too hard and the work was gone. So this is not a job you can do if you suffer from hay fever or sneezing fits.

Smallest Handmade Sculptures of former President Barack Obama
Smallest Handmade Sculptures of Evolution of man
Source: YouTube by Curious Driod

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