Monday, December 5, 2016


Girl's head bun?
Girl's head bun?
We challenge you to tell us what's wrong with these series of weird photos majority of the photographed are staged to challenge your intelligent mind and sharp eyes to spot specific details that reveals what's wrong with the photo.

This looks like a pretty normal image of someone just sitting down reading a newspaper, you know two guys on the street walking by if you actually flip he had like this you can actually see this is really cool photo where they're like posing on the floor and lifting themselves up.

This one you know this is just your usual family photo you know it's very family-friendly just looks like a very normal photo, until you look under where the mom sitting you can actually see a face they're like what the hell why is some guy laying under, that's just a weird.

This one looks like you know a pretty normal photo in the beach with it sand in her hair and she's got a bun right? Or maybe she doesn't have a bun, if you actually look a bit close are you can see that someone's head.

Source: YouTube by TheProGamerJay

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