Monday, December 5, 2016

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Exploding Birthday Cake!

Accidental exploding birthday cake!
Accidental exploding birthday cake!
George Brian from Missouri, USA is about to get a very special birthday surprise, his cake ignites like a fireball.  What caused this cake inferno?

This fireball happened because of the powdered sugar that was layered all over the top the cake and this is because there's loads of energy locked up in the chemical bonds of the sugar molecules, but it's pretty difficult to set fire to a sugar cube or even a pile of powdered sugar the reason that this reaction is so explosive is because of the fact that the powdered sugar has been blown into the air.

This means the powdered sugar now has a really big surface area that it's in contact with oxygen in the air and it also comes into contact with the flames of the candle.

To get the big fireball we see in the video we need one more factor the sugar particles to be really close together so that when one ignites it can catch its neighbor on fire which can catch its neighbor on fire and we get a chain reaction and with the heat from the flame.

In George's case the chemistry has been just right and in the right moment of events.

Source: YouTube by Science Channel

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