Saturday, December 31, 2016

What happens if you hold your pee for too long?

We believe each of you knows how it feels to tap your feet and cross your legs being afraid of doing a wrong move and all because someone is in the cherished room and you can only think of getting into it, yeah, yeah, we're talking about the loo and the desire to relieve oneself did you know that most people can hold their pee and don't go to the bathroom for three to seven hours some people say that if you don't shake the weasel for too long your bladder will explode and you’ll die, is it true today? We're going to tell you everything about the consequences of not going often enough to the bathroom, so what happens if you hold your pee for too long?

Actually if you wait too much your bladder won't explode is not a balloon at some point you can't hold it anymore you'll simply pee yourself nevertheless your bladder can break but only as a result of an external impact a punch for example that happens because the more you hold your pee the bigger your bladder gets its walls get thinner and if you decide to play let's say basketball well you better not sit beside this unpleasant consequence there are other reasons to not wait too long to peddle first of all your peepee is a fluid that contains by products that your organism doesn't need anymore in other words your bladder is full of all kinds of acids and a huge amount of ammonia which can be harmful for the walls of your bladder and for the bladder itself don't forget that every time you do piss your organ gets rid of all kinds of bacteria accumulated on your uritha preventing them to get to other places of your body where they can cause horrible diseases.

What happens if you simply cannot go to the toilet when you're forced to hold your pee is it like these bacteria are in your organ longer than usual meaning that the risk of them getting a hole to the walls of your bladder or urinary tract growth and this can cause all kinds of unpleasant and unhealthy phenomena, this for example other annoying effects of skipping your visits the loo from time to time our kidney stones truth be told some people are more susceptible to this illness than others so it's more a matter of luck nevertheless in most cases kidney stones appear because the patient held its pee in his body way too long.

If you're one of those people who walks around with a full bladder waiting to get home and relieve itself you might want to know that you're stimulating not only all kinds of infections but also the formation of tiny crystals and your kidneys these waste products can easily getting your kidneys and stay there for a long time growing until they become really big stones and guessing these stones out your body is a very painful process that will make you suffer and called for medical help so we have all the unpleasant consequences of holding your pee will be enough to stop you from testing your body strength and resistance and now you're go to the toilet every time you feel like you need to that as the old saying goes an empty bladder makes for a happy heart.

Source: YouTube by Keep in mind

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