Monday, December 19, 2016

Insane Ocean Stories You Won't Believe

These are the ten ocean stories you won't believe.

3 Days Clinging To A Rock, Sauri Furukawa is one of the names of five Japanese divers that were found off the coast of Bali in 2014 there were seven divers originally but the search began one of the divers bodies was found the five divers spent three days stranded on a reef comically enough drinking water from coconuts nearly 19 miles from where they originally started their dives the weather was fine when I started but it quickly turned sour the sea began to spin like a washing machine according to Furukawa she survived by clinging to one of the rocks that the reefs had she was eventually rescued by helicopter soon followed by her four other fellow survivors.

Sucked Into A Nuclear Power Plant Pipe, In July of 2015 scuba diver Christopher Lee Kun, was sucked into a nuclear power plant intake pipe off the coast of Florida he was investigating a yellow buoy when he was sucked in the underwater pipe the buoy are kept there to mark the danger points for the pipe but he isn't the first diver that has been sucked into the pipe there were also no warning signs and the power plant sucks in 500,000 gallons of ocean water and minute and Lee friend said that he was sucked in the pipe like a wet noodle his friends immediately went to his wife and told her that he just saw him die, Lee was trapped in the pipe 45 minutes with the water churning around him he said that the current was so violent he had to hold onto his mask and regulator to make sure that it didn't come off he was luckily spat out into a water reservoir where he was able to find power plant workers to help him out he's attempting to sue the plant owners because of the lack of warning signs but the company said the he bypassed protective measures.

Source: YouTube by Hectic Express

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