Wednesday, December 7, 2016

MUST SEE! Scary and Hilarious Japanese Sniper Prank

Japanese sniper prank
Japanese sniper prank
Pranks in Japanese are called "Dokkiri" their favorite form of entertainment for so many decades.

Some involved simple acting skills or some well planned set up to scare people, pranks sometimes happens on the streets or in a room full of mechanical devices that will make regret why you entered that trap.

In this series of Japanese pranks, a major and classified interview is happening inside a building, room, two witnesses are coming out to reveal a very important information, a very big chance for this reporter to advance his career as an investigative field television reporter and he was warned about the possible danger of this assignment.

Just minutes his interview, his witness was shot in front of his eyes by a sniper, who was positioned outside, the opposite building waiting for his chance to finish the two witnesses.

Source: YouTube by PrankStDOTcom

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