Friday, December 9, 2016

Ten Most Brilliant Robberies That Ever Happened!

Insane robberies of all time
Insane robberies of all time
Most ordinary men say enough to never pull off a bank heist, but that doesn't stop us from appreciating those who have, here is a list of the ten most brilliant heist that ever happened.

The Graff Diamonds Robbery, In 2009 two wealthy poised looking men entered the Graff Diamonds in New Bond Street, London once inside, they use two handguns to still 43 rings bracelets, necklaces and watches were 65 million dollars many people noticed how the robbers were not fathered to cover their faces from the CCTV cameras, investigators later discovered that they had used a professional makeup artist to alter their hair using wigs their skin tones and their features using latex prosthetics.

Harry Winston Heist, In 2008 a group of four women stormed into one of Paris’s most exclusive jewelry stores armed with a revolver and a hand grenade they quickly hurdled the employees and customers into a corner and filled up their bags the women managed to successfully escape with more than 88 million dollars worth of jewelry law enforcement is later revealed that the group involved in the heist called themselves the pink panther and that they were men disguised these women.

The Kent Securitas Depot Robbery, In 2006 six men abducted the wife and eight year old son of the manager of Securitas depot and took them to a farmhouse the manager of the depot was driving with what he thought was a police car asked him to pull over they bound him, took him to the farmhouse and threatened to end his family if he didn't cooperate next they stormed into the depot wearing balaclavas armed with handguns shotguns a scorpion and AK-47 after stealing around 53 million pounds when the robbers left they lock everyone up in the cash cages.

United California Bank Burglary, In 1972 a gang of seven professional burglars broke into the vault of the United California Bank in a classic old-fashioned way they use the dynamite to blast a hole in its reinforced concrete roof, they took away estimated 30 million dollars, which by today's standards would be worth more than a hundred million dollars though regarded as one of the most perfectly executed burglary not much information is available on this one.

Source: YouTube by NatGeo Times

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