Friday, January 6, 2017

Awkward Families You Won't Believe Actually Exist

Ten Awkward Families You Won't Believe Actually Exist!

Meet the Marshal girls the family who've had more boob jobs than any other in Britain mom Chantal and four of her daughters are all swelling with pride after a series of breast implants and now they want youngest sister Brittany to go under the knife the only female in the family with natural boobs is Brittany, But Chantal is already encouraging her to go for an enlargement operation but Brittany Marshall decided not to follow in the footsteps of her mother and for older siblings unlike the other ladies she is refusing to get breast implants the Marshal women have spent a total of fifty thousand pounds on silicone breasts.

The Duggar Family, Who became famous on the TLC network show 19 Kids and Counting the show featured the Duggar family parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and they're 19 children nine girls and two boys all of whose names begin with the letter J the family is known for its strict adherence to the baptist faith and conservative values which include restrictions against any birth control methods on May 22nd, 2015 TLC suspended the series when the Duggars eldest son Josh publicly apologized for having acted inexcusably following reports that he molested five girls including some of the sisters by funding them this announcement was made the same day Josh wife and I gave birth to their fourth child Marydeth Grace.

Grandma Loves Grandson, It's the story that has gone viral on the Internet the tale of a grandmother who has fallen in love with her grandson and is giving up her pension to have his baby grey haired Pearl Carter 72 and her 26 year old grandson Phil Bailey are said to be madly in love and while she is well past the age of bearing a child herself they say they are eagerly awaiting the baby that is developing in the womb of a surrogate mother realizing she could not give her young lover a child miss Carter has used a retirement money of 20,000 pounds to find a surrogate mother and by a donor egg to inseminate with mr. Bailey sperm.

Teacher, Student Affairs, Mary Kate Lee Tourneau not only hooked up with her 12 year old student Vili  Faulauu, but married him after spending seven years in prison for statutory rape after her release in 2004 since he was over 18 Vili ask the court for the no-contact order to be revoked and the court agreed Mary Kate and Vili married in 2005 and she took his name the happy couple have four children together the first of them was conceived when Mary Kate was 35 and Vili 13 the daughters of Mary Kate and her former student turned husband Villi are now older than their father was when at age 12 he started an affair with his teacher.

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