Monday, January 9, 2017

10 Bodybuilders Whose MUSCLES EXPLODED!

Ten bodybuilders whose muscles exploded!

Edouard “Spyk” Gheur, Edward was so determined to have the most ripped body and the biggest muscles that he started abusing steroids he used them so often that his heart exploded he went to the gym one day as usual and he spent the day there when he got home he started cooking dinner and he felt like he was being stabbed in the heart he collapsed and was rushed to the hospital the doctors told him that his aorta exploded and it was a miracle that he was alive most people who have a heart that explodes usually don't live longer than a few seconds in 2016 he died from a brain seizure according to his family the brain seizure was not related to his exploded heart in any way.

Branch Warren, There are times when a body builder muscles can explode when they are not in the gym Branch Warren slipped on wet pavement and his right quadriceps tendon ruptured after his injury he was unable to train for a very long time the reason that his muscle exploded from a simple slip-and-fall accident is because it was larger than the muscle was supposed to be it got this big through steroid use.

Forty-four-year-old unnamed bodybuilder, A 44 year old man was doing bicep curls at the gym when suddenly he felt something pop his muscle suddenly got huge the way Popeyes does when he eats spinach except the men had no spinach that day the reason for the change in his muscle definition was that his bicep exploded and the muscle be attached itself from the bone it took surgery and six months of rehab before the man's arm looked and functioned normally again it was never mentioned if steroid use had something to do with his injury.

Ron Noreman, Ron Noreman is a competitive bodybuilder who, after years of training had five of his tendons explode most people would have quit bodybuilding after the first injury, but he kept going after each injury is an orthopedic surgeon reattached his tendons with anchors that were drilled into his bones this worked great until the next muscle exploded and he needed another surgery.

Andrej Gajdos, This is the saddest example of the ten bodybuilders whose muscles exploded, Andrej Gajdos used steroids to help his physique and he used them way too often when he was 19 years old he was outside of the store when his thoracic aorta exploded he collapsed to the ground and he died almost instantly according to Andrej he had aspirations to be the next Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson sadly he didn't live past his teen’s it is a life wasted all because of the need to be bigger than everyone else and using any means to get that way Andrej story should be a cautionary tale for bodybuilders who are considering using steroids.

Source: YouTube by Facts Verse

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