Monday, January 9, 2017

10 Surprising Uses Of Vicks Vaporub You Didn't Know!

Twelve surprising uses for vicks vapor rub!

Stop a cough this is one of the most surprising uses of vicks vapor rub when you're sick and putting vicks vapor rub on your chest to help you breathe better well don't stop there it can help relieve your cough if you put it on your feet rub the vapor rub into your feet and then cover them with socks within minutes you'll notice that you're no longer coughing you'll also wake up with very soft feet there is nothing worse than being up all night with a cough and vicks vapor rub and help.

Relieves aching muscles, there's nothing worse than trying to relax when you're aching all over if you want to relieve some of the pain you should try vicks vapor rub because it increases circulation, it'll give your muscles instant relief simply apply the Vics generously to the aching muscles and cover the area with a warm dry towel within seconds you should start to feel some relief.

It cures nail fungus if you think you have a fungus growing on your toenails you should apply vicks vapor rub within a few days of using the vicks your nail will start to darken this is a sign that the vicks is killing the fungus as your toenail continues to grow the dark part will grow out where eventually you'll be able to cut it off in order to be sure that you've completely killed the fungus you should keep using vicks for a period of two weeks.

Stop the cat from scratching cats have the desire to scratch that they were born with unfortunately this can be rough on your door window sills furniture your walls with your cat is destroying your home, you can put a bit of vicks vapor rub in those areas where the cat scratches the most cats absolutely hit the smell of vicks vapor rub and it'll keep them away if your cat often scratches you while you might try to put some vicks on your arms and legs.

Stop dogs from peeing if your cat or dog is not house trained yet you can use vicks to keep them from peeing in the house open up a few jars and put them in the places where your dog or cat like to go the most the smell will keep them from peeing in those places it's a great way to keep your pet from destroying your furniture in your rugs.

Source: YouTube by Facts Verse

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