Saturday, January 7, 2017

10 Wrestlers Who Lost Their Lives On The Ring!

You know those who do not know or watch wrestling very closely may often label it as being fake was true to some extent wrestling can be seen as choreographed to make sure that both competitors come to no harm in the ring but this can't always be foolproof each day wrestlers try to make more and more risks in the ring to be notice but as we shall see in this video it doesn't normally require a person to jump off a 20-foot ladder or dropping your opponent on thumb tags sometimes the smallest and every day moves can cause fatalities in this episode we're going to look at ten wrestlers who died admist their match in the ring.

Long before the days of one is history's greatest boxes there was another Iron Mike in the world of sport he was the adopted father of one of WWS best heels the million dollar man Ted Dibiase he may not share the same charisma is his adoptive son but Mike DiBiase was a successful wrestler winning a number of titles in different territories in fact DiBiase most prolific match was about with the legend Dory Funk Senior in a Texas death match and it lasted an unbelievable one hour and 44 minutes unfortunately DiBiase would not going to see his son success in the wrestling world as his final match took place on the second of july in 1969 in low book Texas he squared off against Man-mountain Mike during the match DiBiase suffered a fatal heart and even though Harley Race had attempted CPR he was pronounced dead at the hospital his son Ted DiBiase had confirmed in an interview that his father had a huge cholesterol buildup which in turn led to the massive heart attack.

Source: YouTube by WrestleLamia - Obscure WWE Facts

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