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Childhood Toys that you grew up playing are now Worth a Fortune

Original Gameboy, Nintendo release in Japan in 1989 and sold more than 118 million systems worldwide
If you grew up in the nineteen eighties or nineteen nineties you would have experience playing with toys much different than what sold today, although some of those old toys are now worth a fortune from the original game boy from 1989 to Star Wars toys and GI Joe figurines worth tens of thousands of dollars we take a look at 20 childhood toys that are now worth a fortune.

Super Soaker Water Gun,  The first Super Soaker went on sale when the nineteen eighties and was originally called the power drencher the Super Soaker brand was further popularized in the nineteen nineties by Michael Jackson, who cited it as one of his favorite toys the cost of one of these original super soakers in the early nineteen nineties was about twenty dollars although now you can find them on eBay for upwards of three hundred dollars.

Original Gameboy, Nintendo release the game boy in Japan in 1989 and sold more than 118 million systems worldwide in the united states alone the first day Nintendo sold 40,000 Gameboy handheld and North American July 1989 for the price of eighty-nine dollars for a factory sealed original Gameboy today can run you upwards of five hundred dollars.

Original Furby, A Furby is an American electronic robotic toy released in 1998 by Tiger Electronics it resembles a hamster or alike creature and went through a period of being a must-have toy during the Holiday season in the late nineteen nineties Furby’s originally cost around $17 brand-new if you were able to get your hands on one original unopened Furby from 1998 today you'd be seven hundred dollars richer.

The Real Ghostbusters Fright Feature Action Figure, Ghostbusters was first released 30 years ago back in nineteen eighty-four to positive reviews and large commercial success so successful was the film that single handily launch the franchise we know and love today if you happen to have one of these a new condition you can expect it to fetch up to nine hundred and fifty dollars online.

Cabbage Patch Baby, Initially known as little people when the brand was first developed in 1978 the company began mass-producing the dolls under the name Cabbage Patch Kids in 1982, In 1983 demand was so high mostly during the Christmas holiday that people actually fought over them the price tag on a mint condition original would increase your pocket size by up to a thousand dollars today.

Source: YouTube by Wacky Wednesday

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