Thursday, January 19, 2017

5 Things That Will Happen When Aliens Arrive!

Stephen Hawking has been quoted as saying that it is perfectly rational to assume intelligent life exists somewhere in the universe.

But while the discovery of life on another world may sound exciting, Hawking also believes that if a race of beings were sufficiently advanced enough to reach us, they would pose a huge threat to everyone and everything here on Earth.

Here are the five things that will happen when aliens visit Earth.

First Contact, How will our first interactions with a visiting alien civilization take place? Will it be covert and subtle, involving shadowy figures lurking in the corridors of the Pentagon, or spectacular and out in the open like some sort of hippy free-for-all? Well the answer is probably a bit of both, if our own plans are anything to go by. In the 1950's the US Military developed the Seven Steps to Contact procedure, which detailed if, how and when we would interact with an extra-terrestrial race. First, we'd undertake surveillance and data gathering to gauge the aliens' abilities and technological level, but without making our presence known just yet, especially if they were less developed than us. Now this may sound a little similar to Star Trek's Prime Directive, and you can bet your ass at least one guy's gonna pull a Kirk and try and sleep with an alien, but some scientists believe that this first step could be happening to the Earth right now. The Zoo Hypothesis is the name given to this idea, and it claims we may be in the first observational stage of alien contact, with the aliens only letting us know of their presence once we've passed a certain technological or sociological threshold. Astronaut John Grunsfeld was recently quoted in support of this theory, stating that if aliens are out there they already know we exist due to the observable changes we've made to Earth's environment. So if this is true, and the aliens would follow a similar pattern to how we'd deal with meeting a new civilization, what happens next?

Covert Visitation, Observation would likely be followed by a covert visitation by the aliens in order to judge our abilities and technological level even further. They would use this research to gauge whether or not we are hostile, and if we're honest, I think they're gonna come back with a big fat yes. But whatever their findings are, their next logical step would progress to the taking of samples, which would include live humans. Now obviously we wouldn’t believe these people if they were returned to tell their stories, and it is worth noting that UFO abduction cases only became popular after the US Military released their Seven Steps to Contact guide which included this step. However, if a civilization were watching us from afar, they would need to study us up close before coming from a face to face visit. If they were to deem us psychologically capable of handling their presence, and right now that feels like a massive "if", then it's more likely that an alien civilization would then make its presence known to the highest number of people possible in a non-hostile manner. Nobody's getting taken to our leader, there will be no shady contacts in the CIA keeping this info to themselves - the Seven Steps plan involves humans, exposing themselves to an alien world out in public, so that's how we think they would handle it too. But the question is, what happens when we meet?

Source: YouTube by Strange Mysteries

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