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Foods that look disgusting but Surprisingly good for your health

Bearded Clam also known as Mukan pek-pek
Six most disgusting foods that are really good for your health!

Casu Marzu, aka Maggot Cheese, Casu Marzu was originally from Sardinia, Italy it is a cheese that comes from a special breed of sheep the cheese is soaked in brine, smoked and left out in the open to allow cheese flies to lay eggs in it.

Balut or Balot, Is commonly eaten in the Philippines and South East Asia it is a fertilized duck or chicken egg with an almost developed embryo the egg is then boiled and eaten in the shell, it is fairly low in calories with the amount and one egg being 120 calories it is also low in fat at four grams and high in protein at 22 grams.
IMAGE of Balut from yuanyim.wordpress.com
Soup number 5 or also called as Lansiao, it is a soup made of bull's penis and testicles it is also usually cooked with Chinese spice mix called si-bot it is soaked in the soup while cooking in order to minimize the foul smell of the meat and also believed to enhance the flavor soup number 5 originates from the Philippines packs a total of forty grams of protein for every 100 grams serving.

Grasshoppers, Grasshoppers are commonly eaten in Mexico after being washed, they're toasted with garlic, lime and salt these crispy snacks are actually very high in protein for 100 grams of a larger grasshopper there are about 34 grams of protein they are also low in fat 3.3 grams and low in carbs at 2.2 grams.

Fried Tarantulas, Fried tarantulas can be found on the streets in Cambodia their fried hole in a pan with some garlic and salt, sugar, spice and everything nice which leaves the outside crispy and the inside soft.

Bearded Clam also known as Mukan pek-pek, this is a very popular dish in Japan can be served as barbecued, soup or raw meat which everyone would probably prefer if you know what I mean 100 grams of this would drown you about 32 grams of protein forty percent of calcium and twenty percent of iron daily needs all that for just 90 calories.

Source: YouTube by RodsburghNewsLive

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