Saturday, January 14, 2017

7 Most EVIL KIDS in History!

Let's kick off with the obligatory reference to King Joffrey, who I personally think was a pretty straight-up guy, at least he made decisions and stuck to them, I like that little wasp Tommy, who couldn't even muster up the courage to rescue his hot wife from a frail old preacher anyway if you thought those guys were bad, just wait until you hear about some of their real-life equivalents, including an eight-year-old serial murderer a pair of evil school shooters and a Roman boy emperor whose exploits may have even been the inspiration for Joffrey himself let's hear their gruesome.

Mary Belle, Mary Belle was only 10 years old when she murdered her first victim four-year-old Martin Brown back in 1968 and was horrific is that her age is but one of the many shocking aspects of this case she murdered another child three-year-old Brian Howe later the same year but that time she had an accomplice and she made sure to enjoy it whereas Martin Brown was strangled to death Brian Howe was beaten and mutilated so badly it was impossible to identify the exact cause of death and along with her 13-year old friend Norma, Marybelle carved the letter M into Brian Howe’s stomach using scissors to mutilate his legs and penis Bell was imprisoned in 1968 and served 12 years for the crime of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility do to her diagnosis of being a psychopath and while she has remained in hiding under a new identity ever since her release she did collaborate on a book which revealed exactly why she may have turned out so evil spells mother was a prostitute who worked as a dominatrix and the book claims she repeatedly abused young Mary with the help of her clients today Mary Belle is known to be a mother and grandmother herself but don't worry her own child didn't grow up worrying about what she would do to her because her daughter only found out about her dear old ma's terrible past when she turned 18 years old when tabloid reporters discovered her mother's secret evil identity.

Young Amarjeet Sada, young Amarjeet had two years on Mary Belle when he took his first victim as when he strangled and beat his six-month old sister to death he was only eight years old like Belle, Sada was known to be suffering from a variety of severe psychological problems yet even when he followed up the killing of his sister by also murdering his cousin his family kept this secret considering it a family matter but it was less of a family matter when Sada then murdered his neighbor's six-month-old child and when the local villagers of Begu Sarai in India confronted him he posted about his crimes in gruesome detail today it is believed the eighteen-year-old Sada remains in a children's home but is due for imminent release so let's hope that in the time he's been inside the authorities have taken his mental condition a little more seriously than his parents did which shouldn't be too hard what's that my son is murdered two children well boys will be boys.

Source: YouTube by Strange Mysteries

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