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7 SECRET Messages Hidden in Famous Art!

The Secret of The Last Supper, Leonardo DaVinci
The Secret of The Last Supper, Leonardo DaVinci
It's pretty cool when you find an Easter egg on a Blu-ray or hidden within a movie, but it's even more fascinating when you uncover mysterious messages buried in famous works of art. Some of the secrets on our list remained undiscovered for over half a millennia, including a hidden musical score, A mysterious object floating in the sky, and one famous composer's tribute to a clandestine worldwide organization. Here is our list of the top seven secrets hidden in famous art works.

The Secret of The Last Supper, Leonardo DaVinci was a man of many talents. He was an Inventor, Architect, Scientist, Sculptor and of course an Artist. But there's one more talent, DaVinci is known for, which may have been hidden in one of his most famous works The Last Supper and that talent was music. In 2003 Giovanni Maria Paula Discovered that if you draw lines of Musical staff across the painting, to correspond with the positions of the hands of the Apostles and loaves of bread, you uncover a melody that had remained secret for over 500 years. At first the music didn't make any sense, but after remembering that Leonardo wrote music right to left, Giovanni reversed the score. You see, Leonardo wasn't the only one who could hide things in great art.

The Secret Diagram, Michelangelo's the Creation of Adam is one of the most iconic images in human history, depicting the book of Genesis scene where God breathed life into Adam through his fingers obviously because a painting of the Lord Almighty going mouth to mouth with Adam may have been a little risque for the walls of the Sistine Chapel. But in 1990, an American physician, Dr. Frank Meshberger, noticed something familiar about the area surrounding god. What is that weird shape that the Lord seems to be crowd surfing out of? Meshberger noticed that the border of the area behind God corresponds precisely with a side profile cross section of the human brain. Here's the pituitary gland, the frontal lobe, the vertebral artery, the spinal cord, the pons, the Sylvian fissure, and the brain stem and if you need further evidence, then consider the fact that at the age of 17, Michelangelo was a passionate anatomy student who dissected corpses from his local church graveyard to study and that alone will get you on some sort of watch list so maybe don't judge that kid in your class who likes to play with roadkill because he could be the world's next great artist.

Evidence Of Ancient Aliens? Take a look at this image of Dominica Ghirlandaio’s painting "The Madonna with Saint Giovannino" and see what catches your eye immediately; is it the attractive lady in the center, perhaps it's the baby with the low-slung slacks, trying to give her a high five while the other angel baby checks out his Jillian Michaels physique, that kid is more ripped than I'll ever be, or maybe the first thing you noticed was the strange object hovering in the sky and the dude below it wondering what the heck it is. There are a number of paintings which depict unidentified flying objects in the sky, but Ghirlandaio’s is one of the most startling due to its prominence in the reaction of the guy on the right. He's looking at a disc-shaped object which seems to be shining brightly while stepped out in a strange array of sphere’s, what on earth was Ghirlandaio’s trying to show us or maybe Earth isn't the proper word to use.

Source: YouTube by Strange Mysteries

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