Wednesday, January 18, 2017

HEALTH: If You Eat 2 Bananas Per Day For A Month, This Is What Happens To Your Body

If you eat two bananas per day for a month this is what happens to your body bananas are perhaps one of nature's most underrated fruits the yellow skin fruits are easy to overlook especially when it seems as if there's always some new and exotic type of fruit that's being touted as the next big thing however the fact remains that bananas are a tasty superfood that can give our bodies all the good stuff it needs to thrive they're packed full of nutrients vitamins fiber and all natural sugars like sucrose and fructose that's part of the reason why eating bananas regularly can help to keep the doctor away.

In the United States bananas are the top most consumed fruit and Americans eat more of them every year than apples and oranges combined many of us bring home a bunch of bananas from the store and eat them throughout the week they start off mostly greenish-yellow and spotless but as time goes by the bananas continuously ripen eventually they begin to develop brown spots which grow bigger and bigger until the entire banana is covered in brown many people are turned off by Brown bananas and think it means they're rotten so they toss them out it makes sense most fruits that turn brown are indeed rotten and unappetizing however the more dark patches of banana appears to have the more ripe it is and the more tnf it contains tnf stands for tumor necrosis factor and it's a cancer-fighting substance that helps fight against abnormal cells in our bodies specifically tnf helps to assist communication between cells in our immune response system and it guides the movement of cells towards areas in our bodies which are inflamed or infected research has confirmed that the tnf found in ripe bananas interferes with tumor cells growth and inhibits them from spreading by causing cell death or apoptosis this in conjunction with the high levels of antioxidants which are also found in bananas boosts our immune systems and can increase our white blood cells as well.

The next time you see a banana with brown spots don't pass it over instead eat it up and give your body of many health boost and some extra energy in addition to the brown spots and their immune system strengthening qualities bananas have a number of other health benefits.

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