Wednesday, January 11, 2017

JUDGES MAKE BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER!!! - Switzerland Got Talent 2016 - Amazing Performance

Switzerland’s Got Talent judges apologize for eliminating an artist before seeing her final artwork piece.

Corinne Sutter a Swiss artist who draws portraits in caricature art style, in her audition, she started to draw a portrait of one of the judges, Gilbert Gress, but under time pressure, Corinne only had a few second to capture the judges' interest and attention, one by one they hit the red button signalling that you're eliminated on your audition.

Only seconds on finishing her artwork, she kept on going, she flipped the canvas upside down, blew a powder on it and the final piece was an intricate caricature of another judges, Bligg Zusammen, they were all felt astonished and they gave their standing ovations, including the audience, Corinne in tears seeing them all applauding her.

Source: YouTube by Talent Show Audition

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