Monday, January 16, 2017

Live whale shark sawed into pieces of the Chinese market

Helpless whale shark sawn into pieces
A very tearful sight to see, when two men from the Southern China fish market are sawing a whale shark while the hapless animal is still alive, groaning in pain as this big saw goes into his body.

At one point blood and water jet from the creature's body as the two fishermen, butcher it onlooker seemed shocked while the fishermen are as cool as cucumbers, whale sharks are in fact classified as a vulnerable species in China and is protected under the law.

It's illegal for anyone to either buy or sell them, whale shark meat, but the rule of law is almost non-existent in China.

And it seems like this isn't uncommon this is not the first time Chinese fishers have attempted to sell whale shark at a market last year fisherman from Fujian province captured a 16 foot long shark and plan to sell it until authorities stopped it.

Source: YouTube by AJ+

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