Tuesday, January 3, 2017

We Finally Know How The Pyramids Were Made!

It's a question that's plaguing scientists for decades how the heck did the Egyptians build the pyramids?

The Egyptian pyramids are one of the seven wonders of the ancient world and humanity has been wondering how on earth did these ancient people manage to move two and a half tons stones and statues across the valley of the kings without the help of some modern equipment?

Theories ranging from specialized ramps to aliens doing it when in doubt, aliens! But that wasn't good enough for scientists and they kept digging on only recently discovered the embarrassingly simple answer water and sand - scientists believe that the Egyptians likely carry the blocks on sled pulled by hundreds of workers the sled were little more than giant wood slats with upturned ends as a sled move they would pour the water in front of it to ease the sliding friction of the sand by pouring just enough water onto the sand they cut the force required to move the slide in half.

An international team based on Armterdam tested the theory using downsize models in a lab they found the ratio of water to sand was really important just like a sand castle of you add too much water to the sand you're gonna get a big pile bloop optimal sand stiffness occurs when the water makes up about two to five percent of the volume of the sand so we always knew the answer to the question of moving the blocks would be simple but i'm not sure anyone saw and answer this simple coming their way in the past scientists have theorized the heavy blocks may have been moved up and down while building the pyramids with basic tools like rope and wood and what's really funny is that for so many years the answer has been right at our fingertips, A wall painting found one of the tombs shows a worker pouring water in front of the sled as people pulled till now Egyptologists mistakenly interpreted the painting as depicting an Egyptian purification ritual with water not revealing the technicalities of one of humanity's greatest architectural accomplishment.

So it just goes to show you the most complicated and mysterious of life's questions are sometimes staring you right in the face.

Source: YouTube by DNews

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