Tuesday, February 14, 2017

10 Biggest Unanswered Marvel Movie Mysteries!

It goes without saying that at this point the good folks marvel studios with complex interconnected narratives that are often seen in years before they even become relevant in a meaningful way, early easter eggs will become whole plot lines in later movies and seemingly tiny details can come back to bite heroes in that beautifully chisel bugs in other words no brush stroke is unintentional and seemingly no questions left unanswered unintentionally, however over the course of the MCU existence it's films have left some mysteries tantalizingly unresolved teasing fans and viewers with how, who and what if, now some might be on the cusp of being answered of the universe expands but one can't help but muse on these questions.

Where's the Red Skull? At the End of Captain America the First Avenger, Hugo Weaving red skull is randomly sucked off somewhere mysterious and since he's never mentioned again, it's safe to assume that Marvel just wanted us to believe he's dead even though Kevin Feige is going on record to state that the manner of his death was chosen specifically to showcase the people that he could perhaps pop up again so where the hell is he? Is he trapped inside the stone at the lure of the comics would suggest? Is he on the other side of the portal that the Chitauri from the Avengers? Easily lost between time and space and most importantly, will we get any of these answers in Infinity War and Beyond?

Source: YouTube by WhatCulture

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