Saturday, February 25, 2017

10 Tragic Weddings That Ended in Disaster!

10 Weddings that ended in tragedy!

Brazilian, Bride Who Died in a Helicopter Crash, On the way to her wedding in December 2016 a Brazilian bride surprise entrance to her wedding went tragically wrong when the helicopter she was in crashed minutes before she was due to tie the knot Rosemarie Sylvan Sarmento who was wearing her wedding dress and veil died instantly along with three others the groom was in a state of shock at the altar as he was told his bride that just died.

The Mother of the Bride who was Killed, When a tree fell on the wedding party in the U.S. The wedding turned deadly in 2016 after a eucalyptus tree in the Southern California park collapsed on the bridal party while they were posing for photos a woman believed to be the mother of the bride was killed and five others were injured witness Gilbert Duran was attending a birthday party in the park when the tree fell.

The 20 Wedding Guests who Died After the Dance Floor Collapsed, At least 20 people were killed and hundreds injured at a wedding party in Jerusalem in 2001 after the dance floor collapsed guests were left clinging to the walls of the Versailles wedding hall when the third floor suddenly gave way and crashed through two storeys below, there were nearly 700 guests in the building 23 fell to their deaths including the groom's eighty-year-old grandfather and his three-year-old second cousin another 380 were injured including the bride who suffered severe pelvic injuries.

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