Wednesday, February 1, 2017

11 Most Bizarre Crustaceans

From the super powered pistol shrimp to the scary-looking undersea wood lice here are 11 of the most bizarre crustaceans.

Gribble’s, These small marine isopods with the cute name are comprised of about fifty six species and they have a diet that is unlike any of the fellow crustaceans while they do more in the plant material for food it seems a greater amount of sustenance comes from boring into timber that drifts to sea that is they feed on submerged wood their termite like diet helps Gribble play an ecological role by helping to recycle driftwood and research has indicated that the enzymes they use during the feeding process is effective in transforming wood cellulose into simple sugars that are rich in energy if that process were able to be replicated it could potentially provide a liquid sauce of renewable biofuel.

Whale Lice, They're not true lice which insects these creatures are crustaceans that are noted for being external parasites inhabiting the skin lesions, eyes, nostrils and genital folds of marine mammals and despite being termed whale lice there also found on dolphins and porpoises depending on the species they can measure up to 25 millimeters long and will cling to its host with three pairs of back legs that have claw-like protuberances did you know that every species of whale has a specific species of whale lice associated with it around 7,500 lice are thought to live on a single whale.

Source: YouTube by Epic Wildlife

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