Tuesday, February 28, 2017

14 Men You Won’t Believe Actually Exist!

Today we look at 14 men you won’t believe actually exist.

Although the movie Shrek itself is based off of a children's book written by the late William Steig in 1990 the physical appearance of the lovable ogre was very likely inspired by wrestling star Maurice Tillet aka the French Angel while DreamWorks has never confirmed the rumors one look at a picture of Tillet and a picture of Shrek side-by-side and it's enough to convince anyone uncanny resemblance is no coincidence the russian-born french-speaking Tillet apparently had a very angelic appearance until a diagnosis of acromegaly which causes increased bone growth throughout the body including the hands and feet cause an unusual growth spurt born in 1903 Tillet worked in the French Navy before becoming a well known professional wrestler in 1937 he died in 1954.

Brazilian record-holder Claudio Paulo Pinto is looking to hit the big time and break the world record for his extraordinary or extremely creepy ability of popping his eyes out of their sockets apparently this unusual eye popping ability is called globe luxation and according to doctors yet uncomfortable practice typically doesn't cause lasting damage in 2006 Pinto told NBC news I was measured by an opthamologist on television in January I could pop my eyes out seven millimeters since then my capabilities have improved over fifty percent despite his efforts as a June 2016 the Guinness world record for eye-popping is still held by Kim Goodman of Chicago who can pop her eyeballs out of the socket by an impressive 11 millimeters.

Being born with a rare genetic disorder doctor seemed to know little about has earned Arun Rajasingh from Chennai, India the nickname the Elephant Man the unusual nickname actually reflects the equally unusual physical deformity the condition is caused which is a swelling of his right leg to the point where weighs 220 pounds about the size of a baby elephant despite not being expected to live more than a few weeks the now 34 year-old not only survived but up until about five years ago manage to live a fairly normal life however as his left leg also started to well in the last three years and as the excessive fluid in both legs makes bending his knees impossible he is now bedridden and reliant on nurses for everyday tasks such as using the washroom and getting dressed Arun is currently trying to raise money for wheelchair and wheelchair accessible van in the hopes that he can once again venture outside.

Source: YouTube by Keep It Karl

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