Tuesday, February 14, 2017

5 Horror Movies Based On True Terrifying Events!

It's easy to sit back in the comfort of your own home or the cinema and watch a scary movie knowing full well you can later tell yourself in bed that was all just a film and didn't really happen, but what if you couldn't tell yourself that because the movie was in fact based on true terrifying events, while here are five horror movies with that is actually the case.

Psycho and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Most would have heard of the infamous Ed Gein also known as the butcher of Plainfield, but if you haven't then you should know that few movies have been based on this man the two most popular being psycho and the texas chainsaw massacre which i will talk about together it all started in Plainfield, Wisconsin, when for years neighbors of the small community had suspected something was just not quite right there by Ed and thought that strange things were going on at his property kids would mess around and see how close they could get to his creepy old farmhouse and he was labeled as the village oddball it was always considered as a harmless man that was until people started going missing including the deputy sheriff's mother, Gein was the first suspect and his farm was searched and the true evil was revealed amongst his possessions were 4 noses, 9 masks made from human skin, numerous decapitated heads, lampshades made from skin, bowls made from skin and skulls, lips being used as a poll on window blinds, leggins made from skin and about made from nipples. Gein was arrested and later admitted to two murders including the deputy's mother who was found gutted like an animal in Gein’s chair, all the other body parts with a result of Gein raiding the nearby cemeteries and digging the body's late at night police further searched his home and said it was filthy and it was rubbish all over the house except for a few boarded up areas one of which was his dead mother's room after his mother died Gein was devastated and this is thought to be the main cause of his crimes despite the truly filthy house his mother's old the room was eerie kept in a pristine condition just as she left it, so when Alfred Hitchcock made psycho be based on the very disturbing novel written by Robert Bloch who lived within 35 miles of Gien’s farm I was aware of what happened there, after Robert picked up the details of Gein’s crimes about Gein wearing clothing made from women skin, so he could feel closer to his dead mother Robert got the idea for Norman Bates and his obsession with his dead mother in the major hit movie so as well as psycho how was the Texas Chainsaw Massacre link to Gein while most of the movie sequel state inspired by true events and although no single character is based on Gein the family in the film's who abduct passes by torture then kill them and use their body parts as decorations is linked to Gein’s crimes and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre skin mask is linked to Gein’s mask made from female heads and one of his victims Mary Hogan whose face was found in a paper bag in Ed’s home and unfortunately the small town of Wisconsin will forever be linked to those horrifying events, this for sure will continue to inspire future horror movies books and documentaries.

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