Thursday, February 16, 2017

Python bites his handler's face and won't let go, threatening the man's life

South Florida’s snake expert Steve Masek bitten by python 
Burmese pythons have invaded America, particularly Florida as they are native to the area, with killer instinct and appetite that grows nonstop they're proving no one is safe, after capturing one of these monsters South Florida’s snake expert Steve Masek become the victim of an attack assistance Axe on the move to get help and they'd better hurry, Steve partner Virginia has been in this situation before she runs to grab tools that they'll need to pry the snake off.

Masek, slowly works his fingers into the python’s throat, if he can block its breeding he might be able to pry from his face, but when it came off, Steve’s hands were still down in there, the teeth were curbed to his fingers, Virginia put a pressure on the snake’s tongue using a tongue depressors and also she poured cranberry juice into the snake’s mouth, hoping that the snake won’t like its taste, finally the python gave up Steve’s hands.

Source: YouTube by Animal Planet

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