Monday, March 20, 2017

10 Grandparents You Wont Believe Exist!

Being a grandparent is easy you've already dealt with their own children so now you can sit back and laugh as you watch your offspring drowned in 30 diapers and unwanted broccoli, but some grandparents want more than just an easy ride, a game of golf and a gin before dinner they want to keep living life to the fullest so put away to sherry and fold up the bridge game because these grandparents are still in the game.

Yazemeenah Rossi, For most people in the industry your modeling career would be long over by the time you were 45 but Yazemeenah Rossi decided now was a good time to get started and she ended up on the cover of magazines and representing major international brands she's 60 years old with two grandchildren, but you would never know it to look at her and although you might think she did a deal with the devil or phase in the blood of virgins she said it's a simple matter of eating only high-quality foods and doing yoga every day see easy.

Bonpon511, Known only by their Instagram name this Japanese couple has been married for 37 years and have a unique way of staying connected after all this time they always wear complementary outfit they have over 75 thousand followers and they wear a mixture of brand like Uniqlo and Comme Des Gascon as well as cool things they find in thrift  shops, it's not clear how much planning goes into each outfit but given that most of us can barely manage matching socks as we stumble out the door their commitment to coordination as as impressive as it is cute.

Gunther Krabbenhoft, While Bonpon511 are cool through collaboration, Germans Gunther Krabbenhoft slides with fashion flag all on his own known as the hipster-opa meaning as you probably guessed hipster granddad, he spent most of his life as a cook and has lived in Berlin since the 70s, he's always been a sharp dresser, but rose to fame when he was seen regularly at the techno scene at legendary clubs such as Bergheim and Sisyphus he is easy to spot with his famous hat vest and bow tie combination.

Source: YouTube by TheHUB

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