Wednesday, March 1, 2017

10 Sudden Appearance Of Angry Animals Caught On Camera!

Ten sudden appearance of monsters!

45 miles south of Long Beach, New York a group of drivers came upon a 40-plus foot dead whale with lots of sharks around it including a great white the size of three or four average sharks one of the divers decided to catch his performance on GoPro cameras he was risking himself very much, but he caught the unbelievable extreme video and almost put a camera on the shark√Ę€™s jaw, just imagine the adrenaline in their vain these guys are really brave.

While diving Souza rock in central California coast divers has a close call with humpback whales, two of the divers stayed in the water one with capturing undersea world and another was captured seal, but suddenly the fish started to fuss then two big whales jumped out of the water and swallowed everything that was around them except the lucky divers.

In this video a group of people from Costa Rica are trying to make good pictures of crocodiles photographer Antonio was capturing a crocodile while others feed the animal when they were focused on the crocodile, another representative of the species suddenly attacked the photographer fortunately other scream to Antonio about the crocodile attacks.

Source: YouTube by Interesting Facts

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