Thursday, March 9, 2017

15 Most Dangerous Places on Earth!

From deadly tsunami-prone locations to areas with an overabundance of crime, we count 15 places on Earth you are most likely to get killed in.

Sana'a - Yemen, One of the most politically unstable places in the world, both Britain and America advises citizens to vacate the country due to terrorism fears. Their capital city of Sana'a, 7,500 feet about sea level, is surprisingly interesting to visit, even if it's also known as one of the most dangerous places to live, ever. A lot of the buildings are Tetris-style, geometric blocks stacked on top of each other, especially the Old City district full of beautifully designed buildings that harking back to the days when you weren't murdered constantly.

Cape Town - South Africa, This place isn't so bad, except due to poverty and social turmoil the crime rate is atrociously high from desperate people. Like Yemen, this place attracts tourists for its beauty, but you are actually allowed to visit Cape Town, they just advise you don't travel alone and that you avoid the more notoriously dangerous districts.

Grand Canyon - Arizona, You might not think it's a dangerous place because of what a tourist hotspot it is, but don't be fooled - all it takes is one wrong step and death is certain. At least, most of the time it is - a 21-year-old was driving across the edge when he accidentally plummeted off the cliff, but luckily he was saved by a tree that slowed his fall near the bottom. For others, the falls are intentional - the Grand Canyon is known to be the nation's second-highest location for suicide.

Danakil Desert - Ethiopia, All foreign offices will advise you never to visit this desert, mainly due to a border conflict with Eritrea and the risk of getting kidnapped. The desert itself is also known for extreme temperature and strange landscapes, with the Danakil Depression known as a giant deep basin filled with volcanoes.This area was described by the National Geographic as among the cruellest places on Earth.

Source: YouTube by Planet Dolan

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