Monday, March 6, 2017

5 CREEPIEST Secret Rooms Ever Discovered!

Finding a secret room on a video game usually means some kind of awesome reward like a shiny new gun or a magic potion, but finding a secret room in real life; that often means you're sharing your home with a pervert, a murderer or both, as we're about to find out in our list of the five creepiest secret rooms.

The Murder Castle, H.H. Holmes is one of America's and the world's most prolific serial killers, having confessed to 27 murders and suspected of over 200 more during the late 19thCentury. And, while he plied his murderous trade mostly in Chicago, some believe he may have even taken a trip across the pond and been responsible for London's Jack the Ripper murders. Must've been his gap year or something. But the reason H.H. Holmes makes this list is because he committed his crimes in a number of secret rooms hidden throughout a purpose-built three story hotel, later dubbed the Murder Castle, for obvious reasons. He operated this hotel as a legitimate business for many years, luring single female travellers to their deaths within its labyrinth of covert passageways, and when the killings were finally investigated, police discovered more than 40 hidden rooms throughout the hotel, giving them grisly names such as "The hanging room", "the black closet" and "the room of three corpses" These rooms contained all sorts of macabre equipment such as operating tables, sound proof rooms and torture devices, and when it was time for the bodies to go bye bye, he installed a couple of quicklime pits and crematoriums to allow his dirty deeds to go undiscovered. Thankfully Holmes was caught and hanged in 1896, but sadly for any of you ghouls out there the Murder Castle no longer stands, has demolished 1938. And today, in its place, lies a building responsible for far more torture and agony than the Murder Castle ever was - The US Postal Service.

MJ's Neverland Shame, To put it mildly, everyone knew that Michael Jackson was a little bit creepy and weird, with allegations of serious perversion and monkey friendship just some of the odd accusations leveled at him during his lifetime. But when he died it seemed that MJ got a free pass on all this funky business and we all started enjoying his music again, until we discovered he had a secret closet on the Neverland Ranch. The public was only made aware of this in 2016, but it had actually been discovered back in 2003 during the raid on Neverland by the Santa Barbara District Attorney and Sheriff's department. In a secret room hidden at the back of the King of Pop's bedroom closet, secured behind three deadlocks, was a sordid collection of images depicting children and yeah, let's not go into too much detail there, but what made it even weirder is that these were all mixed in with stuffed toys, life-size superhero figures and Disney merchandise. There was even a signed photo of Macauley Culkin in there which came with the inscription; "Don't leave me alone in the house". Was this a Home Alone reference; or something worse?

Source: YouTube by Strange Mysteries

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