Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Bizarre incidents of suicides

It’s estimated that around 100 billion people have died in the 200,000 years humanity has existed. And although many of them died from disease or starvation, some people have died in some really strange ways. From an artist handcuffing himself to a tree, to a news anchor shop herself on live TV, here are the most bizarre suicides.

When a famous bouncer named Haoui Montaug found out that he had aids in June 1991, he decided that it would be a great idea to invite a bunch of people over to watch him commit suicide. In the heat of the Right-to-die movement taking place in the US around this time, people with terminal illnesses were sometimes allowed to commit physician-assisted suicide to keep them from suffering, at the time, there were not many viable treatments for aids, and there was a fairly low survival rate. So Montaug invited around 20 guests to his loft apartment in Manhattan, where he planned to commit suicide amongst friends, at what was meant to be his last party. He swallowed 5 barbiturate pills throughout the night, which are pills often used with physician-assisted suicide, and fell into a deep sleep. He awoke the next morning with nothing but a headache. He was furious when he woke up alive, and swallowed 20 more pills which finally did the trick.

In 2008, a cleaner at the Singapore zoo decided to climb into a tiger enclosure where 3 white Bengal tigers were lying down, and traumatize a bunch of families trying to enjoy their free time. Nordin Bin Montong was suffering from depression when he decided that he couldn’t live any longer. Witnesses say that they had seen him acting “erratically”, and shouting and throwing things while passing the crocodile exhibit. The coworkers he passed by that morning also claimed that he had been saying things such as “goodbye”, and “you will not see me again”. Later the 32- year-old worker finally climbed into the tigers’ enclosure, bucket and broomstick in hand, he waded through the 10 meter wide moat towards the tigers while shouting and swinging his broomstick. As expected, things did not turn out well for him. He was torn apart by the 3 tigers, who flung him around like a rag doll until he was finally pulled out of the enclosure when the tigers were distracted. He later died from his 90 various external injuries, including a fractured neck, skull, and ribs, on the way to the hospital.

Source: YouTube by Crazy Random Cool

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