Thursday, March 30, 2017

Rolling Log Mouse Trap caught 11 mice in one night, caught on video

Do you have a mouse problem in your house? Here's the most economical and practical mouse infestation solution that doesn't require you to buy rat killer feeds every time you have a new mouse problem in your home.

Simple Do It Yourself mousetrap called "Rolling logs mousetrap" a metal cylinder that rotates along a metal rod perfectly cut to fit across a bucket which contains water just enough to drown a mouse.

The key on this trap is to make the cylinder spin freely and put a bait right in the middle of the rolling cylinder also install a ramp for the mice to climb up for them to reach the bait.

Good luck and hope this practical solution will significantly help you.

Here's Shawn personal experience with the mousetrap "I went to the barn this morning to check our rolling log mousetrap, and I'm amazed at what I found 11 dead mice are floating in this water.

This trap was catching mice all night long the design is so simple but so effective you put this in your barn or your garage, and you'll control a rodent population in a hurry. 

This is by far one of the most effective mouse traps that I've ever tried, and I tried quite a few, and if you don't want to kill them if you don't want to have water in here some people don't like the drowning you don't have to put water in there you just come in the morning, and you'll have a whole bucket full of live mice, and you can relocate them out in the wild now again you don't have to buy this trap it is a really good design, and it's not that expensive, but you can make this with wire and a soda can."

Source: YouTube by Shawn Woods

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