Friday, March 10, 2017

UFC Fighters Who Are Now Dead!

Mixed martial arts is a dangerous sport filled with concussions, bruises and breaks, but normal life can be just as dangerous and unexpected this is a list of UFC fighters that have died outside of competition due to sudden illnesses gunshots and other causes these are the UFC fighters who are now dead.

Gilbert Aldana, Gilbert Aldana went 0 for 2 in the UFC but in 2007 Gilbert lost his life during a boating accident Aldana shirt had fallen in the water so he jumped in to retrieve it the combination of cold water and strong winds quickly overwhelmed the former UFC fighter Gilbert's friends and family attempted to save him but once he sank out of sight nothing could be done Aldana was reported missing on march 11th of 2007, but his body wasn't recovered for five months due to the cold temperatures and wind conditions Gilbert went six and two and MMA winning his first fight by knockout in just three seconds.

Corey Hill, Corey Hill was a contestant on season five of the ultimate fighter in 2008 Hill suffered one of the most brutal injuries in the UFC when he broke his fibula and tibia during a fight, he'll recover from the injury went on to lose his last five fights in a row, then earlier this year he'll became sick and was taken to the hospital, he had gotten pneumonia several weeks earlier and underwent a lung transplant the operation was unsuccessful and he'll die due to a heart attack after his lung collapsed Hill went one and two in the UFC and was 36 years old.

 Shane del Rosario, Shane del Rosario won his first 11 fights in a row and was supposed to face Daniel Cormier in the strike force grand prix until he was struck by a drunk driver in 2011 Del Rosario suffered a herniated disc and was out of competition for over a year but he eventually recovered and fought twice in the UFC then in 2013 del Rosario suffered full cardiac arrest following two heart attacks and died after being taken off life support del Rosario suffered from long QT syndrome a heart rhythm disorder that can cause fast chaotic heart beats a toxicology report also found traces of cocaine opiates and THC in his system.

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