Saturday, March 4, 2017

Woman’s pet snake jumps through her gauged earlobe and gets stuck

Ashley Glawe snake accident
The snake got stuck in the woman's earlobe, this woman's earring game is the next level in case you're wondering, no this wasn't a case of animal cruelty, but a crazy mishap due to a super gauged earlobe and a pet snake that does couldn't resist a great hole.

On January 23rd, 26-year-old Ashley Glawe was taking some fun selfies with her slithering sidekick Bart a ball python; these particular snakes happen to like hiding in holes.

While Ashley was framing the shot, Bart darted through at least halfway through Ashley's gauged earlobe, freaked out, Ashley called the fire department, but snake removal surgery isn't exactly their specialties.

So she went to the emergency room where doctors had to numb her earlobe up that earlobe and using some string pull Bart all the way through unharmed.

Ashley posted these photos on her Facebook page which has since gone viral and led to her doing the media circuit, now she and Bart can bask in internet fame.

Source: YouTube by TomoNews US

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