Thursday, March 23, 2017

World's Worst Spider Bites!

Whether you are an arachnid enthusiast or someone suffering from Arachnophobia there is no denying the dangers that surround certain spider species. Here are the worst spider bites in the world.

Simon John, A 45-year-old man’s life was endangered after he was bit by a spider in August 2016. Simon John and his five-month-old son Harrison were enjoying a family break at a holiday camp in Breen, Somerset, when they were attacked by a spider. He only noticed they had been bitten two days later, when they returned home, in Newport, South Wales. Simon John developed a fever and spotted two red marks on his leg that soon started to swell. His son also had a temperature, so John was rushed to the hospital together with five-month-old Harrison. They were administered antibiotics, and the baby boy was hospitalized for two days. As John’s infection spread rapidly, the doctors gave him a CT scan. Only then they discovered the patient had been bitten by a deadly spider. 45-year-old John was in danger of losing his leg, as an open hole appeared on his limb and the flesh began to rot. However, the doctors managed to stop the infection and save the patient’s leg, as well as his life. They had to cut out the rotting flesh to avoid blood poisoning and, during the following weeks, the doctors placed gel pads inside the skin to urge the new tissue to heal. They later told the patient that he was lucky to be alive, for if the bite had been above the groin, his organs would have shut down completely after two hours. Fortunately, his son, Harrison, did not react as violently as the spider bite and recovered quickly.

Christine McCullins, 54-year-old Christine McCullins was in danger of having one of her legs amputated after being bitten by one of the most venomous spiders in Great Britain, the false widow. She was celebrating her sister-in-law’s birthday in Basingstoke, Hampshire, when the woman reportedly felt excruciating pain in her left ankle, followed by swelling, in September 2013. She initially thought she had been bitten by a mosquito, so she did not pay attention to any symptoms in the following days. She treated herself with medication from a pharmacy, but the bite mark started to look even more infected and became increasingly itchier. Only a week later, McCullins went to see a doctor, fearing that she might develop a “flesh-eating bug necrosis” that she had previously heard frightening stories about. The doctors gave her antibiotics to stop the infection from spreading and quickly sent her home. Although the medication helped, a few days later, McCullins noticed that she had developed cellulites around the area of the bite, so she returned to the doctor for stronger antibiotics. During the treatment, the woman said her limb swelled and turned black, making her fear the medics would have to amputate it. McCullins, who suffers from Arachnophobia, only realized she had been bitten by a false widow spider after doing research on the internet and finding photos of similar bites. However, the medication she had been prescribed by her doctor worked, and it took three weeks until the swelling and the pain subsided, relieving the woman of the fear that she would have to have her leg cut off.

Source: YouTube by They will Kill You

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